Southern Maid has a great history of baking and selling delicious donuts thanks
to the secret recipe of their donut flour. Southern Maid Donuts still produce the same great, fresh taste that they had the first time they were produced in 1937 back in hometown Louisiana. You can feel the history of those times.

With humble pride we welcome you to our New Zealand stores!

Jun 23, 2011

Celebrate our grand opening with lovely guests

Two lovely guests,  Mr. Lon Hargrove and Mr. Les Franklin from Southern Maid Donuts Headquarters in the United States, visited our shop!  

Left: Mr. Lon Hargrove, Right: Mr. Les Franklin


They visited all the way from Dallas, the United States to New Zealand to taech us how to make delicious donuts and celebrate our grand opening of Southern Maid Donuts! 

Those of you who haven't tasted our donuts, please come and visit our shop in Newmarket to enjoy our fresh donuts!